C2 springt nicht an

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C2 springt nicht an

Beitrag von colorscream » 14.01.2018, 13:51

Bitte um entschuldigung fuers English. Deutsch ist nicht meine native Sprache.

Good afternoon. Sorry for speaking english but i'm looking for help. At the beggining of December my Citroen C2 has displayed some errors (first airbags and seat belts) shortly after brakes, abs and air polution filter (or so). I was on holidays through December, on 2 Januar i drove to work and there were still the errors. But i could not start my car after work. We tried to jumpstart, i changed batteries. When i turn the ignition there come the errors and 2 click sounds (relays?). After a week i managed to bypass the ground cable direct to the enging from the negative terminal on the battery and i somehow drove home. For few kilometers there were no errors but they came later. I parked and since then the car wont start again. A made a bypass with a 20mm cable from the battery to the chassis on the left side, i changed the battery (14V+). Any one has any ideas? The circuit-breakers are ok.

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Re: C2 springt nicht an

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It looks like the battery has no proper contact with the body.
Check the wiring and ground connections for breakage and corrosion.

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